Games and Attractions

Make your event feel like a carnival. We have the games, activities and little extras to make the child inside everybody come out to play!

Great fun for kids and grownups alike, there’s nothing like good old fashioned carnival attractions to give your event that something special. Dunk tanks, fun house mirrors, a street organ, high strikers and classic games like the milk Jug toss and tic tac toe. Plus many more items to choose from.


Dunk Tank

Fantastic fund raisers and a whole lot of fun. Hit the target and dunk the dummy, be it a school principal, local celebrity or the captain of the baseball team. Especially refreshing for all on hot summer days. C’mon, hit me, Turkey!

Tom Clowncy and Friends

Need a ‘Dunkee’ for your next fundraiser? Contact Tom Clowncy and his volunteer team:

Magic Mirrors

Good old fashioned Fun House mirrors that can make your arms look like spaghetti and your feet the size of pumpkins! Six different mirrors available. A perfect fit for large gatherings, either grouped together or arrayed where lineups are to be expected. Be sure to order a few for your next comical reflective moment!


Milk Jugs

The milk jugs game measures 8′ X 8′ and consists of old-fashioned milk jugs which are painted like Holstein cows. The object of the game is to throw softballs into the milk jugs.


Air Ball Race

How do we explain this one? It involves air jets, floating balls, and lots of skill. Tons of fun for all ages.

Potty Toss new

Potty Toss

Classic Beanbag toss with a humorous twist. Compact design makes it easy to fit in a small area. Get the beanbags in the hole to win, and always remember to flush!
C & A

Crown and Anchor Wheels

When we bought these Wheels, they were over 75 years old…and that was a while ago! Tried and true carnival classics. Terrific for casino or carnival themed events. We also have suggestions on how you can modify the wheel for your unique event, be it a wedding, a store promotion, or community fun fundraiser.


Cyrano, the Mechanical Horse

No, it isn’t a bucking bronco! A full sized antique carnival horse with real leather reins and saddle. The speed of the ride is controlled by the kid on the horse’s back, ranging from a slow walk to a very quick trot. Best suited for small kids right up to 10 year olds. For kids who may be a bit nervous about riding Cyrano, he always has his little companion, Taffy, alongside for a very gentle ride. These two friends are always the last attractions to be packed away at day’s end!

checker xmas


The checkerboard game measures 12′ X 12′ and consists of an 8′ X 8′ box with three coloured cubby-holes. The object of the game is to throw the soccer ball into three of the same coloured squares or in one of each coloured square.


Flipping Frogs

The flipping frogs game measures 8′ X 8′ and consists of a catapult where the player hits one end with a rubber mallet to make the frog fly into one of the buckets in the lily pad in the middle of the game. This is our most popular game.


Tic Tac Toe

The tic tac toe game measures 8′ X 8′ and consists of a board with 9 pegs protruding from it. The player must toss 3 rings to form a straight line as in the game of tic tac toe.

Tumbling Towers

Tumbling Towers

Stacked at 2.5 feet tall, players take turns removing one block from the tower and place it on top. But be careful… they don’t call it Tumbling Towers for nothing.

High Strikers

Swing the hammer and try to ring the bell! One of our original acquisitions, these timeless classics provide the perfect Olde Tyme Carnival atmosphere. Available in 6′ or 11′ sizes. A challenge for kids up to grade 8, and great fun for the rest! Nothing’s as satisfying as hearing that bell go DING!


The Bowling game measures 8’x4′ and consists of a table with raised edges and obstacles on the table. The player must roll the ball down the table past the obstacles to knock over the wooden bowling pins at the other end.


Swing Ball

The swing ball games consists of a pyramid with all the sides measuring 12′. From the apex of the pyramid hangs a wooden ball. The object of this game is to swing the ball in an arch and knock over a wooden bowling pin on a stool.


Street Organ

Our authentic ‘monkey organ’ provides the perfect musical atmosphere to any happy gathering. An authentic European music box with classic Italian wood marquetry and a gorgeous sound. This Hurdy Gurdy plays a wide variety of tunes, ranging from military marches to waltzes and even includes numerous Christmas classics. Guaranteed to gather a crowd, it is perfect for business openings, trade fairs or any event where you want traditional pipe music to put a smile on everyone’s face.

connect 4

Giant Connect 4

3 feet high and 4 feet wide, this is the giant version of the old Connect Four Game. Players drop discs in a tic-tac-toe style game board to get four of their own pieces in a row. Great for kids and adults, indoors or out. A classic.