Baseball, golf, football, hockey, basketball… even beanbag tosses; we have them all. See who can outshoot the Raptors, who will be the next Gretzky, or who can chip onto a green like Mike Weir. Perfect for any special event, large or small.


Gladiator Joust

Step onto the giant air cushion, grab your foam pole and try to whup your opponent right off his/her feet. Loads of raucous fun for participants and onlookers alike. Most suitable for ages 8 and up. Can be operated indoors or out. Ideal for any fun event where friendly competition is the name of the game!



Players with hockey sticks attempt to shoot tennis balls through holes randomly cut around the large silhouette of a goaltender. The target measures 8’x4′.

basketball action


Pit your basketball skills against the challenger of your choice. Who knows, you could end up drafted by the NBA!



He’s going for it… it’s a long pass into the endzone… He’s done it! Touchdown!


Tippy Ladder

You’ve seen them at the fair, now have one brought right to your special event! Two wobbly ladders, side-by-side, and very hard to climb! Don’t worry if you fall, there’s a big soft air cushion to keep you completely safe. Always supervised by trained Circus Delights staff members. Loads of challenging fun for anyone 6 – 99 years old.


Batting Cage

Ottawa’s portable baseball emporium! You provide the batters and we’ll provide Sandy Koufax. Our variable speed pitching machine can gently lob baseballs to a four year old future star or totally burn an aspiring Blue Jays prospect. Fun for all ages and skill levels. Can be operated indoors or out. Walls and roof are made from Canadian Air Force netting for complete safety.

Pitching Radar

Radar Pitching Challenge

How fast can you throw? Check the radar to see how you measure up against the pros. The radar also works with soccer balls, footballs etc…

Obstacle Course Race

Always in demand! Over 50 feet of bouncing, sliding, wriggling fun. Participants young and old wend their way through an inflated ‘forest’, crawl over, under or through a log pile, and finally slide their way to the finish line. Fully licensed, certified, insured and always supervised by trained Circus Delights staff members. One of our most popular attractions. Ready, Set… GO!
Tug of War Rope

Tug of War Rope

Need we say more? Over 100′ long, thick and ready for action. Get your team together. Ready? Pull!


Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss anyone? How high can you score?